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Space princess trapped in an astral body wandering away from reality. Continuously expanding my mind, seeking truth, straying curiously into the cosmo's. ~~~~~~~~~ I am you, from a different point of the collective consciousness that we all share. Peace and love to all of you infinite beings. ॐ
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*** (by felidae.)


*** (by felidae.)

Vincent van Gogh was my soul mate. Now that he’s gone, his DNA, and the dust that once made up his precious his skin, lives on through me. The carbon dioxide that he exhaled fuels me. His art inspires my heart and, his passion reminds me that it’s okay to lack sanity, for the sake of beauty. For the sake of love.

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Banana slug love!!! Such a cute, little guy slidin’ amongst the fungus!


Banana slug love!!! Such a cute, little guy slidin’ amongst the fungus!




the starry sky on the himalayas

click the picture tho.


“'I went to America to promote 'The Man Who Sold The World' and, as I was going to Texas, I wore a dress. One guy pulled out a gun on me and called me a fag. But I thought the dress was beautiful.'”

David Bowie, April 1971 (BOWIEPIX)

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Some pictures from the show



GRS 1915 is an x-ray binary star system consisting of a star and a black-hole, and it’s got a heartbeat.

Well, a pulsating x-ray light that is, one pulse every 50 seconds.

And you’re like, “bro, what’s CAUSING this pulse?, that’s strange and I’m interested in science so I need to know..”

Turns out the black hole (spinning at 1,150 times per sec) is sucking in the matter from it’s companion star at 50% the speed of light though letting some of that energy escape. “The jet of materials being ejected is occasionally choked off by a hot wind blowing off the accretion disk. The wind deprives the jet of materials needed to sustain it. When the wind dies down, the jet returns (wiki)”, giving us the “pulse.”

From: Heartbeat of a Black Hole